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                                                          Aarogya Setu

                  A Technology-Enabled
                  Contact Tracing Platform                                                                                                Self-Assessment
                                                                                                                                          test based on ICMR
                  for COVID-19                                                                                                            guidelines

                  Launched by the Government of                                                                                           Updates, advisory and
                  India on 2nd April 2020, Aarogya                                                                                        best practices related
                  Setu Mobile Application connects        initiatives of the Government,                                                  to COVID-19
                  essential health services with the      particularly the Department of                                                  Facilitates vaccine
                  people of India in the combined         Health, in proactively reaching                                                 certificate download
                  fight against COVID-19. The             out to and informing the citizens
                  App is aimed at augmenting the          regarding risks, best practices and                                             List of ICMR approved
                                                          relevant advisories pertaining to                                               Labs with COVID-19
                                                          COVID-19.                                                                       testing facilities

                                                          Aarogya Setu App has over 20                                                    Provides the infection/
                                                          Crore+ registered users. As it                                                  risk status of user
                                                          works on contact tracing method,
                                                          it has helped in early identification                                           QR Code scan
                                                          of many potential COVID-19
                                                          hotspots, way before the actual                                                 Hotspot Forecasting
                                                          COVID-19 outbreak started in                                                    Updates, advisory and
                                                          many regions across India.                                                      best practices related
                                                          The early identification has                                                    to COVID-19
                                                          helped the Government to plan
                                                          and deliver necessary medical                                                   Feature to check
                                                          and administrative interventions                                                health status of recent
                                                          to control the disease spread           Salient Features
                                                          in a proactive manner, thereby
                                                          playing a crucial role in the overall   Automatic contact tracing               Geo-location based
                                                                                                                                          COVID-19 statistics
                                                          COVID-19 response efforts of            using Bluetooth
                  21,55,00,000                                                                    Facilitates vaccine                     Nationwide COVID-19

                  Total App Downloads                                                             registration                            Supports over 12
                  (Android, iOS and KaiOS)                                                        Integration with e-Pass                 languages

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