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                  An End-to-End Digital
                  Hospital Management
                  Solution                                                                                          Registration                Operation
                                                                                                                                                Theatre (OT)
                                                                                                                   System(ORS)                  Module

                  e-Hospital is a one-stop solution                                                                e-Blood Bank                 Billing
                  that connects patients, hospitals,
                  and doctors on a single digital                                                                         Dietry                Clinics
                  platform. It is a Hospital
                  Management Information System                                                                         Laundry                 Laboratory
                  (HMIS) which helps in managing                                                                                                Information
                  the key functional areas, internal      ORS links various hospitals across                             Patient                System
                  workflows and processes of              the country for booking online                            Registration
                  hospitals.                              appointments, accessing lab                                     (OPD)                 Radiology
                                                          investigation reports, and                                 (Admission,                System
                                                                                                                     Discharge &
                  Online Registration System (ORS         checking the availability of blood                           Transfer)
                  - is the patient    in hospitals.                                                                         Store &
                  interface of e-Hospital to provide                                                                                            Pharmacy
                  patient-centric services to citizens.


                                                                     631                                     24,77,63,216

                                                                     Hospitals Onboarded                     Transactions

                                                                     479+                                    5317236

                                                                     ORS Hospitals                           Appointments Made

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