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                                                          One Nation

                                                          One Ration Card

                  A Digital Platform for                                                                                                  Salient Features

                  Public Distribution
                  System and Intra-State                                                                                                  Issuance and
                                                                                                                                          modification of ration
                  Ration Card Portability                                                                                                 cards

                  One Nation One Ration Card                                                                                              Information
                  (ONORC) is a technology                                                                                                 dissemination to public
                  driven ambitious endeavour              location anywhere in the country.                                               via transparency portals
                  of Department of Food and               Launched under Integrated
                  Public Distribution to ensure           Management of Public                                                            SMS alerts upon receipt
                                                                                                                                          & dispatch of goods &
                  seamless delivery of subsidized         Distribution System (IM-PDS),                                                   food availability
                  food-security entitlements to all       ONORC facilitates the migrant
                  beneficiaries covered under the         NFSA beneficiaries to avail                                                     Online lodging of
                  National Food Security Act (NFSA)       ration at any Fair Price Shop in                                                grievances
                  2013, irrespective of their physical    the country, through biometric
                                                          Aadhaar authentication.
                                                          ONORC uses Information &
                                                          Communication Technology
                                                          (ICT) to implement Right to Food
                                                          with the concept of 5 R’s – Right
                                                          Quantity and Right Quality to the
                                                          Right Beneficiary at the Right
                                                          Time and at the Right Fair Price.

                  5.33 Lakh                               4,88,832

                  Fair Price Shops                        POS enabled Fair Price Shops

                  78.73 Cr.                               43.84                                   23.69 Cr.

                  Beneficiaries                           Lakh Metric Tonnes                      Ration Cards
                                                          (Central Allocation)

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