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As we celebrate Azadi  Ka Amrit Mahotsav at N IC  to commemorate

                   75  years  of independence,  we  reflect  upon  the journey of Digital

                   Transformation  in  Governance  and  a  compilation  of  75  Digital

                   Solutions from  NIC empowering citizens has  been presented in this


                   N IC  has  been  contributing  towards  building  robust  public  Digital

                   Platforms  enabling  digital transactions,  catalysing  innovation,  and

                   generating  efficiency  and  transparency  in  delivery  of services  and

                   benefits to our people. We  feel honoured that our  Digital Solutions

                   are being  used  to manage flagship programmes of the Government

                   such  as        MGNREGA,          Swachh        Bharat,      Public  Distribution,

                   Scholarships,  PM-Awas  Yojana,  PM-KISAN,  Fertilizer  Distribution,

                   Land  Records,  e-Shram  & many  more.  N IC  Products  and  Services

                   play an important role in the National Digital Ecosystem benefitting

                   citizens,  Government,  and  business  across  all  sectors  of


                   N IC  is  also  working  upon  the  use  of emerging  technologies  like

                   Al/ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics etc. in adding system intelligence

                   to the existing products and  services to deliver greater value to the

                   citizens. I would  like to thank the team at NIC  for their hard  work

                   and dedication in building Digital Solutions for 21st century India.
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